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We have been manufacturing solid surface products for more than 25 years – earlier from Singapore based manufacturing facilities and now since late year 2014, from manufacturing facilities based near Mumbai in India. We have exported all our production since commissioning, 18 months a go, our manufacturing facility in India.

In past 25 years, we have successfully completed variety of installations at projects in USA, UK, Singapore, Thailand UAE and many other locations around the globe. It is with incredibility and pride, we declare that our products, particularly special range products have been recognised and considered globally for its uniqueness and fructuous qualities. These products are being launched under brand name BALOTA in India.

Balota products, most significantly, are not only eco-friendly because of its pre-consumer recycle material in it with “green” and has multiple properties of being lighter, stronger and fabricated and thermoformed. Furthermore, use of special adhesive too gives our product a seamfree joint once mended.

Balota is one of the finest pick of the 21st C that possesses the potential to meet virtually wide arena of designs and requirements with a splendid fabrication and overcomes least limitations.It is a composite solid surface created through a blend of Methyl Metha Acrylate or Polyster Resin binder. Balota is now available in more than 400 colors and styles. Alongwith our extensive range and variety in styles, we are able to carve your imagination into tangible end-products with greater affordability than comparable materials. It has multiple merits like easy removal of stubborn stains with aid of regular household cleaning agents, elimination of cigarette burns through mildly abrasive scouring pad or fine grit sandpaper, heat resistant for short periods of contact up to 200 degrees C, seamless and watertight joints, customized finishes possible and many more.


Here are few product pictures from our extensive range and varieties in Matt & Gloss.
We develop many more colors and patterns on regular basis & have the capability to match the requirement of a specific project

Quarry Range P-581

Fusion Range F-501

Sparkle Range S-192

O Range O-302

Concrete Range C-850

Glass Range G-661

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